Certified Purchasing Manager

CPM certification for purchase managers

CPM stands for Certified Purchasing manager and many organizations are very interested and keen to hire purchase managers who obtained CPM certification.  Purchasing is one of the important functions in an organization,  it can be said that if the purchasing department functions properly then 50% of the organization is working smoothly. The person working in the purchasing department should know the complete organization so that he can achieve all departments needs and organisation goals.




This book “The Procurement and Supply Manager’s Desk Reference” is a must have for anyone working or planning to work as a purchasing manager


How to get CPM Certification?

In order to obtain a CPM certification, a person must fulfill these requirements:

  1. The person needs to have a 3 years undergraduate degree and more than 4 years of work experience.
  2. The person needs to attend CPM training to clear the exams of 4 modules. The 4 modules are as follows: –

CPM module1

The first module consists of learning the complete purchasing process. It consists of analyzing the suppliers, identifying the requirements for purchasing the product and then executing and implementing the contract.

CPM Module 2

The second module covers the supplier environment.  Supplier relationships consist of negotiations for closing the deal and maintaining good relationship with the suppliers.


CPM Module 3

The third module consists of Value enhancement strategies.  It includes strategies that will help the manager to enhance the value of purchase department by  doing supplier analysis,  forecasting the future and managing inventory.

CPM Module 4

The fourth and last module is about management. It is  the relationship of purchasing department with the whole organization and its resources.

Once all the four modules have been completed, the person can apply for CPM certificate.


Go for the CPM Certification!

CPM TrainingMany professionals may think that experience may matter more than CPM certification. But, that is not true because of the following reasons:

  • CPM certification is recognized in 20 countries and hence, people from almost all over the world will value an individual with this certification.
  • CPM certification has been into existence for 30 years and every time they have met their quality standards. hence,  organizations love to hire certified purchasing managers for their quality knowledge and skills.

This professional certification is intended towards ambitious purchasing managers willing to invest time and money to distinguish themselves from their colleagues. Professionals with CPM certification are valued more than professionals without it.

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